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           Key Market Demand Drivers

In a well managed environment, support labor makes up approximately 33% of desktop spend.  In an unmanaged environment support labor costs can eclipse 40%-60%.

Improved support productivity will show a TCO reduction

Without improved support productivity other TCO standardization initiatives will not realize full savings.
Automated and Remote Support: Organizations Moving Away From On-Site Service   
 “Automation and remote support were mentioned both by organizations that indicated that such methodologies represented their primary response to changing market conditions and by TSPs  (Technical Service Providers) that saw remote support as critical to augmenting actions taken in other areas.”

        Data Breaches and IP Leaks: Two Sides of a Different Story
“IP breaches that do not involve customer databases usually target something arguably more dangerous – corporate secrets and intellectual property – and their perpetrators are far more menacing, company insiders. Whether a disgruntled, recently-fired employee or someone vying for a job at another organization, insider leaks can be devastating.”